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Crowned By

Our heart is to pour hope and affirmation into women who are struggling to rise above the trauma they have suffered.

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Divinity tees are meant to bring light to the darkness and start a movement of women walking through life together, empowering one another. 

Always remember, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are enough.

We all have purpose

How Can I Get Involved?

We are always looking for empowering individuals who are looking to make a difference. Click the above link to see upcoming events and volunteer positions.

Click the above link will allow you to partner with us on a monthly basis. ALL proceeds go toward outreaches, needy items, mentorship, counseling, apparel, etc. 

Help us make a difference by donating today. Click the above link to make a one time donation and join us in creating a change.


Executive Director and Founder, Artist/Designer

I have always been chained down by insecurities, worthlessness, fear, and unable to accept love due to life circumstances. From sexual abuse, verbal abuse, losing my brother to cancer, losing my best friend to suicide, being bullied throughout my life, etc. I myself have personally struggled with depression, anxiety, self- harm, eating disorders, and suicide attempts but God had His hands on me. After being air lifted, hospitalized twice, being sent to two different treatment centers, God finally opened my eyes to the fact that He has a purpose for me here, on this earth and He’s not letting the enemy get rid of me. God has been stretching me, molding me, and changing me.. He’s called me to do things that are totally out of my comfort zone, and things I thought I could never do... designing being one of them. I never saw myself as an artist, but one day God gave me a vision so I started drawing and here we are. It’s amazing how God can turn weaknesses into strengths, and enhance our abilities to do things we never thought we could. Being used in our darkness and brokenness is what He does best. I know what it is like to not feel loved, worthy, or good enough. I do not want anyone to feel that way. It is lies from the enemy. I want them to make a difference. I want every woman to know just how cherished they are.. I believe now He is wanting to take me deeper and further than I ever thought. I have had to face all my demons and allow God to take me to the end of myself so that He could heal me and make me into who He has called me to be. I know that God has created me to empower women and encourage them to be all He has created them to be. To see hope where there is none. To bring restoration and healing to whatever they’re facing. I believe that’s why He allowed me to go through all of the things that I have been through. We all have a story and God has called us to share it. There is freedom that comes with being vulnerable and building a community.

Our Team


Vice President and Director of Marketing and Events

When I was about 12 years old, a woman came and spoke at my church; she shared statistics and stories about sex trafficked victims. I couldn’t believe that girls my age, were a primary target. My heart broke, and since that day, I have had a fire burning within me to do what I can to fight against this epidemic. I feel that a young girl knowing her worth is detrimental to the outcome of her life. When you feel such unworthiness beginning at a very young age, so many lies begin to infiltrate the mind and the soul. I volunteer as a group leader in a youth ministry where I have developed strong relationships with so many amazing junior high/middle school aged girls. They share their struggles and hardships with me, and I hope by me telling them how worthy and valued they are despite it all, they will carry that with them throughout life, saving them from getting into unspeakable situations. I also volunteer with a non-profit that goes out into the strip clubs in our area, taking gifts to the girls and just speaking with them and loving on them, in hopes that we can give them a glimmer of hope for a better life, and an understanding of their value.


Aside from this passion, I also have a deep love for fashion. I have a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising and work as a freelance stylist. I have the pleasure of working with many high school girls through one of the photographers I style for. Getting to know them and style them is always such a joy, helping them feel beautiful and confident is one of the reasons I love doing what I do. I know God has called me into the fashion industry and I know that he will use me in such a way that it will glorify His name.


When I was asked to join the board for Crowned by Divinity, I couldn't have said yes fast enough. To be able to combine these two passions of empowering young women and fashion, is a dream come true. I support full heartedly what our founder has set out to do, and I can’t wait to see the difference and impact that this movement will have on so many women.


Secretary and Director of Finance and Administration

After moving states away from home and being on my own. I started to find myself. I realized even more how precious life is and how great life can be if you allow it. It wasn’t until I reconnected with God that I realized I made it this far because of Him. Every day I give thanks to Him. I strive to live my best life and appreciate all that He has provided for me. No, I’m not where I want to be…yet. But with God in my life I know I will get there.

I joined Crowned by Divinity because I want to have an impact on people. To show them how great life can be with God in their life, and to be thankful and appreciate each day. Life is too short to settle for a life you don’t enjoy. I worked a job I did not enjoy for two years before I quit. I felt like I was wasting my life away, and life is too short to waste. There can always be a brighter future. No matter what your situation is right now, with His guidance, you can always make good decisions for a brighter future.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with one of my concentrations being financial planning. I find it an honor to be Crowned by Divinity’s secretary and financial advisor, but mostly importantly to be a part of the movement. Joining this movement of bringing women out of the darkness and into the light, is my first step to following my dreams and motivating people to follow theirs.

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